The “F” Word

Where the F*ck is all my money going?!

It’s Sunday night and you’ve avoided your bank app all weekend. You think ignorance is bliss as you throw your card in the middle of the brunch table and move onto to the next bar or worse go home and order $30 worth of food from seamless (okay never a bad idea but you get the point). After finally logging on and assessing the damage you cringe a little trying to recount why you decided it was a good idea to buy everyone tequila shots at the bar or why you bought a jade roller on Amazon after going down a 2 hour rabbit hole on YouTube beauty tutorials, when you know you could’ve paid off some credit card debt or god knows what else.

That was my thought process exactly… But what am I supposed to do it about it? I am in my mid-twenties living in a city with a full-time job and hey I want to live my life. I work hard for this… right? I deserve this $14 salad from Sweetgreen after spending 10 hours at my desk yesterday. I pay my rent, I have fun, I live my life but I just finally got to the point where I thought…

Where the f*ck is all my money going?!

Because I sure as hell am not investing any of it and my savings account isn’t anything to write home about. The most embarrassing part of it all is that I was a FINANCAL ANALYST and knew nothing about my personal finances. I thought enough is enough.

Which led me to… Formerly Finance, a way to keep myself accountable while also educating others.

I am passionate about women in finance, and I am passionate about teaching others to understand their own finances. Many times people hear the F word and they are immediately scared away. Finance has a certain stigma attached to it but achieving financial success is attainable and its my mission to make finance fun- okay I know...ew but really! It’s time to understand where your money is going and how to make more of it$$

It’s not a skill we are taught in school and often times it’s not talked about properly at home or addressed at all. Many young people are faced with student and credit card debt all while trying to stay afloat and have a life… And maybe buy that fanny pack you wore in Disney world circa 1998 that’s disguised as a trendy Gucci Belt Bag. Whether you are an hourly employee, making $100 g’s (hmu), are riddled with debt, or are just trying to have a little extra funds to go to your barre class once more every week. I am here to help.

I will be addressing topics from basic finance definitions, credit cards, retirement funds (ugh- any day now), excel basics, the stock market etc… So stay tuned and please comment with anything you want to know more about.


With love,

Formerly Finance


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